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Floor to ceiling window views are a gorgeous backdrop for your home. But, sometimes the light is just too much. Our large window shades let you control the light, privacy, energy efficiency and UV protection your home so badly needs. And, many of the floor to ceiling window treatments will let you maintain that beautiful view.

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The Best Window Treatments for Large Windows?

It’s one of those questions we get asked…A LOT. Your largest windows offer amazing views, and they let in so much flowing natural light. But, they need solutions. The best way to cover large windows is to determine what you love about them, and what needs to be solved.

Love the View, Cut the Glare

You might have one of the best views, but if the atmosphere of your home is filled with an obnoxious glare, you’ll be miserable. We love how sheer shades and other translucent fabrics allow you to enjoy the view–even enhance it–while getting rid of the glare. See our recommendations for showing off the view.

Natural Light, Without the Heat

There’s nothing quite as mood-boosting as starting your day with a bright, sunshine-filled sky. But, that can quickly go wrong as the light floods the space, heating everything up and baking your home. One of our top features in floor to ceiling blinds and shades for enjoying the light, but also controlling it, is Top Down Shades.

Light + Views + Privacy

It seems impossible to be able to enjoy light and views, but also have privacy, right? That’s the magic of window treatment features. When you want this trio, the top down option is a good one–maybe a favorite. But, that’s not all. One of the most innovative features you can choose is Dual Shades, which allows you to meet the needs of any time of day and circumstance. Light when you want, views when you want, privacy when you want.

Effortless Adjustments

You can have the most beautiful window treatments, but if you want to adjust them–and you can’t–what’s the point? Smart shades have quickly become one of the most sought-after options in floor to ceiling blinds, shades and drapery. It’s the touch of a button, a tap on the phone, or a voice command–and the whole atmosphere of your home will transform. Large windows can be hard-to-reach, way up high or positioned behind furniture. Motorized blinds make it easy to create the best environment–allowing you to take advantage of what you love and solve the rest.

Want Inspiration?

Covering large windows is an effort that sometimes needs inspiration! Check out window covering projects we’ve installed by visiting our Instagram page!