Window Solutions

Window Solutions

window solutions

Blackout Solutions

Need a better night’s sleep? Does light start pouring in as soon as the sun rises? Look no further. Our blackout solutions can turn your home into a the cave-like atmosphere you’ve been dreaming of.

Street Privacy / Top-down Bottom-up Solutions

Do you love bringing in natural light, but hate prying eyes and the frustration of too much light? With top-down bottom-up shades, your home will glow with just the right amount of light and an abundance of privacy.

Cordless / Child-safe Solutions

No dangling cords means your pets and children will be safe. Achieve the peace of mind you need with the tidy, uncluttered appearance of cordless shades and child-safe window solutions.

Motorized Solutions

Touch of a button control lets you adjust your shades from across the room, or across the country. PowerView motorization adds ease and convenience to your life with the sleek and stylish Pebble remote or your favorite device.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

In this area, homes are at the mercy of the weather, experiencing up to 50% energy loss through the window. Protect your home with energy efficient shades that insulate throughout the year, no matter the temperature outside.

Floor-to-Ceiling / Large Window Solutions

Transform the unyielding light into a soft, filtered glow with our window solutions for large windows. Many of our shades let you enjoy your beautiful view while protecting your home from too much light.

Glass Door Solutions

Enjoy your outdoor space more with the right solutions for your french doors and sliding glass doors. Ease and convenience will let you have access to your patio while maintaining control of the inside of your home. Enhance your decor while upgrading your doors with innovative features.