Window Solutions

Window Solutions

Got window problems? We all do. That’s why we decided to focus on solutions. With years of industry experience, we understand your biggest frustrations and love to transform them into your favorite features.

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Alustra® Woven Textures Roman Shades
duette honeycomb room darkening shades
room darkening

Room Darkening Solutions

Need a better night’s sleep? Does light start pouring in as soon as the sun rises? Look no further. Our blackout solutions can turn your home into the cave-like atmosphere you’ve been dreaming of.

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vignette modern roman shades with top down bottom up
top down bottom up privacy

Privacy / Top-down Bottom-up Solutions

Want to bring in natural light, but hate the idea of prying eyes? Do you feel frustrated with too much light, but struggle to find a balance? Top down bottom up shades will provide the window covering solutions you need.

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pirouette window shadings with powerview automation
powerview automation smart shades

Automated Solutions

Remote control blinds, iPhone adjusted shades, voice controlled shutters...all of this is possible and more with PowerView motorization. Our hub connects and communicates with your smart home system to deliver the ultimate automation experience.

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duette honeycomb shades with trackglide for tilt turn windows
tilt turn windows

Tilt & Turn Solutions

The versatility of windows that tilt in at an angle for one position, and then turn in like a door for another…now there’s a window shade to match that versatility. Meet the TrackGlide® system for Tilt Turn Windows.

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newstyle shutters cordless child pet safe
cordless child safe

Cordless / Child-Safe Solutions

No dangling cords means your pets and children will be safe. Achieve the peace of mind you need with the tidy, uncluttered appearance of cordless shades and child-safe window solutions.

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duette honeycomb energy efficient insultating shades
energy efficient insulating

Energy Efficient Solutions

In this area, homes are at the mercy of the weather, experiencing up to 50% energy loss through the window. Protect your home with energy efficient window treatments that insulate throughout the year, no matter the temperature outside.

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alustra woven textures shades for floor to ceiling large windows
floor to ceiling large windows

Floor-to-Ceiling / Large Window Solutions

Transform flooding light into a comfortable glow with our window covering solutions for large windows. Many of our shades let you enjoy your beautiful view while protecting your home from too much light.

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duette honeycomb shades for glass doors
patio french sliding glass doors

Glass Door Solutions

Enjoy your outdoor space more with the right window treatments for french doors and sliding glass doors. Ease and convenience will let you have access to your patio while maintaining control of the inside of your home.

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designer roller dual shades
dual shades

Dual Shade Solutions

A wide range of light control, from light-filtering to room darkening, allows you to achieve the best of both worlds. Discover the Duolite® feature that brings two-in-one shades to your windows.

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applause honeycomb shades for specialty shape windows
specialty shape windows

Specialty Shapes Solutions

Arched and angled windows add beauty and character to your home. You wouldn't want to cover them with just any window coverings. But, too much light and too little privacy probably has you searching for solutions.

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skylight windows
specialty shape windows

Skylight Solutions

The skylight windows in your home might be bringing in too much light and heat. Find the perfect shades to control the elements and live in comfort.

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New Construction

Get a head start on window treatments during your new home build or remodel. We can get involved early on so your window treatments and home automation are seamlessly integrated and ready to go.

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