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Gorgeous design with beautiful fabrics. Custom window drapes by Skyline will enhance the look of your home with flowing fabrics & coordinated style. From stunning patterns & prints to your favorite solids, our custom window draperies are designed with beauty & function in mind.

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Custom Drapery & Vignette® Modern Roman Shades
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  • Floor-Length & Drapery Side Panels
  • Create Layered Designs with Textures & Patterns
  • Smart, Blackout & Thermal Drapery Options

Custom Window Drapery heightens the style and atmosphere of your home, curated from a wide selection of specialty fabrics, from trendy to timeless–and everywhere in between. Floor-to-ceiling draperies frame the window beautifully when open–closing for light control and privacy when needed. Stationary Drapes, known as side drapery panels, frame the window with style–often layered with shades that add visual interest and function. Both full and side drapes layer beautifully with soft window treatments, such as roman and roller shades. Pillows, cornices, and other custom home accents extend the style, made from the same fabrics.

Custom Drapery: A Textile Dream

Add texture, depth, and character to your home with custom fabrics in a wide range of colors, materials, and patterns. Curate a space that is uniquely yours.

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drapery pleat and hardware options

Hardware & Pleat Options

The details behind custom window draperies can get overwhelming if you’ve just started shopping. Two of the biggest categories of details are header style and drapery hardware. Let’s talk specifics about each of these so you can find what you love.

Top Header and Pleat Styles for Drapery

The header style of drapes and curtains refers to how the drapery is finished at the top–how it’s able to connect to the drapery rod, or hardware. Ripplefold, Pinch Pleat and Grommet styles are the most popular.

Ripplefold Drapery offers a consistent look from top to bottom, creating a look that almost “floats” across the rod. The “S” shape of the ripples is how it got its name, and it works well with a variety of home design styles.

Pinch Pleat gathers fabric in single, double or triple folds, often attached with hooks or curtain rings. Considered more traditional, it’s also one of the most timeless looks.

Grommets use circular hardware fixed into the fabrics to easily glide across the rod. This is considered more modern, and it’s a style that looks great with solid and patterned fabrics alike.

The way your drapery is finished at the top completes the look of your room, matching your style preferences.

Hardware Options

The hardware for your custom drapery or curtains refers to the rod or track used to hang them, which can be finished on each end with finials–in a range of styles. Hardware also includes the details of drapery rings, track hooks, or tie back hardware. Available in matte black, brass, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and wood, the hardware finishes are chosen to complement design details in the space. Both the header style and the hardware you select for your custom drapery will enhance the style of your home.

custom drapery layered with alustra woven textures roman shades

Layering Perfection

Layering custom window drapery with window shades or blinds can heighten the style of your home. It allows you to create visual interest with colors, textures, and patterns. Both roman shades and roller shades are a popular option for the background position, adjusting open and closed for light control, energy savings, and privacy. The custom window drapery you select can either frame the window for a designer statement and side control of lighting, or they can be fully adjustable drapes that open and close for added benefits.

custom blackout drapes

Drapery Lifestyle Solutions

Custom window drapery adds beautiful design, but the lifestyle solutions are life-changing. Beyond light control and privacy, the operating features and fabrics you select can be vital to the atmosphere of your home.

Smart Drapes are available to adjust with an app on your phone, where you can tap to open or close. The PowerView automation system allows you to schedule adjustments, or integrate into your smart home system for triggered adjustments. Automatic curtains can also function as remote control drapes, opening, closing, and adjusting with a tap on a remote or wall-mount control.

Blackout Drapes can provide the darkness you need for sleep at night–or during the day. The key to getting the right amount of room darkening is in the fabrics you choose. Your window covering specialist can evaluate your home, and how the light interacts with the space, in addition to the depth of your windows. Blackout liners can also be essential to achieving the right amount of light control.

Thermal Drapes protect the interior of your home from intense sunlight and heat. Not only do energy saving drapes provide a barrier for exterior heat and air influencing the interior temperature, but they block light. Entering light hits surfaces of your home, heats them up, and then that heat cannot escape. Thermal drapes keep light from entering in the first place.

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Custom Drapery & Alustra® Woven Textures® Roman Shades