Top Down / Bottom Up

It’s all about options. Why limit yourself? Open your shades the traditional way, from the bottom up, or lower them from the top down to maintain privacy while increasing daylighting in your home. Skyline invites you to play with shapes to make a dynamic statement at your windows.

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Our Work | Duette® Honeycomb Shades
  • beige roman shades with versatile light control on large windows in Vancouver WA
    Alustra® Woven Textures
top down bottom up privacy


  • Control Privacy While Maintaining Your View
  • Light Enters Across the Ceiling for Daylighting
  • Protect Furniture & Flooring from Harsh UV Rays

Available with

living room with gray window shades that lower from the top


The room is bright, but the windows are covered…how is that possible? The magic of top down shades! By slightly lowering from the top, sunlight streams in across the ceiling, filling the space with ample light. You get all the benefits of covered windows with the boost of natural light you need.

honeycomb shades on entryway door and sidelights with top down adjustments


You need access to privacy for comfort and security. But, completely covered windows might not be how you want to live. Enjoy privacy, while also bringing in light and sky views with top-down shades. No cave-like vibe, just enough coverage that you feel at ease.

three windows showing full shade with top up and other shades with top down

Customized Adjustments

Covered windows + sunshine…could there be a better combination? The sunshine enters, illuminating your home. The glare and direct rays stay out of your eyes and off of your screens. The temperature remains comfortable, and privacy is yours as you take in the treetop scenery.

Before After
Alustra® Woven Textures® Roman Shades