4 Tips for Back to School Success

Can you believe that summer vacation is coming to a close? Where did the time go?! Getting back to school can be pretty hectic. While you still have a little bit of time left before your kids will be donning their backpacks and grabbing their lunchboxes, it’s a smart idea to start preparing for the big day now. You might wonder, “What else can I do ahead of time besides shop for clothes and supplies?” Plenty…trust us! We’ve put together four tips for back to school success that’ll ease the transition and get the whole family ready for another year of great learning and growing!


#1 Set the Schedule

Summer has a way of making us forget that school requires our kids to move like clockwork. From getting up and ready in time to make it out the door, to snuggling in for the night early enough to wake up refreshed the next day, one of the biggest challenges of returning to school is getting back on a schedule. That’s why it’s on the top of our list of tips for back to school. While sleeping in and staying up late may have become relaxing summertime habits, they aren’t an option once the school bell rings.

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So, framing the schedules your family needs and working toward them now will make the first day of school much easier for everyone. For bedtime, work backwards. Pick the ideal time–taking into consideration how long your kids will need for homework, dinner, and a bath–and try getting them tucked in a little earlier each week. Gradually bumping up bedtime will go a lot smoother than putting them to bed two hours early the night before their first day! If you do the same thing with their morning wakeup time, you probably won’t have to drag them out of bed in a sleepy stupor…no promises though!


#2 Ensure Quality Sleep

There’s no question about the importance of a good night’s sleep. Resting well helps the mind and body grow, and it does a lot to improve attitudes and behavior. Those are all critical for school success, so one of our tips for back to school is to make sure your family’s sleeping conditions are the best they can be.

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Before you put your little ones to bed on the eve of their first day, ensure that rooms are dark. Even tiny lights from devices that flash or glow can interfere with the brain’s ability to enter sound sleep. Noise is another thing that can stand in the way of getting good shuteye. A sound machine could be all your light sleeper needs to stop waking up multiple times at night. Finally, consider comfort! It’s a no-brainer that you’ll sleep better if you’re comfortable. Pillows, pajamas, sheets/blankets, and temperature all matter, so make sure that each one keeps you and your kids cozy.


#3 Get Organized

Isn’t it amazing how much “stuff” your kids need for school? On top of folders, notebooks, backpacks, and lunchboxes, there’s also the daily outfits, shoes, and after school activity gear. Without an organization system, your life and home can end up in chaos. Designating a space–like a mudroom or entryway with hooks, cubbies, or shelves–for coats, shoes, and backpacks will help everyone function better. Having your children pick out their outfits the night, or weekend, before can lessen stress in the morning and save time.
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And, speaking of saving time, another way to get organized is to structure your family’s time. Figure out how many activities you can handle while still being able to manage homework, dinner, and quality family time. Granted, there will be days that dinner or homework happens in the car or in the bleachers at practice, but that shouldn’t have to be the norm. Hanging a family calendar in a central location and keeping it updated with everyone’s commitments is a great way to make sure you remember appointments, practices, school activities, and everything else that fills up your life when school starts.


#4 Create the Right Atmosphere

While heading back to school means you have more to juggle, it doesn’t have to feel so hectic and stressful. By following our tips for back to school, you’ll be well on your way to a calmer start to the year.

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Why not add to that feeling by creating a relaxed atmosphere at home? Believe it or not, your window coverings do a lot to set the tone in each room. Here are a few ways shades and blinds can make a difference for you and your family as you venture into a new school year…

  • Room-darkening shades and blackout shades can set the scene for bedtime. They’ll provide the darkness needed for quality sleep.
  • Did you know that there are shades that feature sound absorption? The light sleepers in your life will certainly rest easier with them.
  • Energy-efficient shades work to maintain a consistent temperature, regardless of the weather outside, so you can relax comfortably in any room.
  • There’s no better way to reduce stress than by adding a dose of convenience to your life. Automating motorized shades to match your family’s schedule will do just that. Sound like a dream come true? It really is! Just program your window coverings to adjust themselves throughout the day, and scratch opening and closing shades from your to-do list forever.


Tips for Back to School and More

As you enjoy the remaining weeks of summer vacation, we hope that our tips for back to school will help get you and your family ready for the new school year. If you’re looking for more tips, or another way that we can help, we’re here for you! Our design consultants can guide you toward window coverings that have the features you need and the convenience you and your busy family deserve. Contact us, at Skyline Window Coverings, for a free, in-home consultation today.