Tilt Turn Self Install

The best way to cover tilt turn windows is here. These luxurious, attractive, and sturdy window treatments are also designed for easy installation so you can do it yourself! The Hunter Douglas TrackGlide® system can handle continual adjustments, such as glass panes set in windows and doors without a lot of frame. The narrow track adheres to the edge of the frame, or even right on the glass. The honeycomb cellular shade glides up and down along the track, offering light control, privacy, and energy efficiency no matter the position of the window or door. Add these TrackGlide® Duette Honeycomb Shades and tilt the windows in, turn them like a door, and close them up–all while the windows or doors stay covered!

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Duette® Honeycomb Shades
self install blinds for tilt turn windows

Interested in Light Control for Tilt and Turn Windows?

Duette honeycomb shades with TrackGlide can easily be mounted to tilt and turn windows, even when a typical shade is not an option. Not in our local market? Not a problem, you can install TrackGlide cellular shades yourself!

How does TrackGlide work?
TrackGlide adheres to the window frame so that your shades stay secure in any position. The shades glide up and down along the narrow track. This offers benefits like energy efficiency, light control, privacy–and even top down bottom up for adjustable light + privacy.

How do I get started?
Follow the steps below to send us your measurements, place your order, and install yourself!


Measure your Windows

Use a steel measuring tape to measure the width and height of the glass of your windows, rounding down to the nearest 1/8”. Measure each window individually, even if they are the same size.


Send us your measurements

Fill out the form below to send us your measurements and information. We’ll reach out to finalize details and place your order.
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Install your new shades

Watch this step-by-step video guide and install your new trackglide shades*
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To get started... Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch to put the final touches on, and place your order!

*Product should be installed to manufacturers specifications. Any deviation could result in loss of warranty.