Smart Blinds: The Top Questions Answered

Smart home technology rules our world–and our households. Have you been considering smart blinds or shades in your home? You might have questions, and you’re not alone. We surveyed our top window covering experts at Skyline Window Coverings to find answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Which Window Treatments Can Be Motorized?

The short answer? All of them. There are smart blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes. That’s why you’ll hear so many names for them, from power shades to motorized draperies–and so many more.

bathroom window coverings motorized shutters in Vancouver WA
Palm Beach™ Motorized Shutters with Split Tilt

What’s the Difference?

Take a look at this information for identifying the capabilities and features of varying levels of smart blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery. The basic idea is that they all utilize a motor to adjust them. The difference lies in the way they are adjusted, whether by remote, phone app, or smart home device. From there, it’s the features that are available that make the difference. You can enjoy simply push-button control, or it can extend into the realm of scheduled adjustments, scene setting, and voice control.

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Everwood® Alternative Blinds adjusted with iPad control


Can Smart Blinds Be Adjusted Manually?

They cannot be manually controlled if a motor runs them. This can cause damage to the window covering the motor.


How Does the Phone App Work?

Watch as your smartphone or device you use easily sets schedules, scenes, and adjustments:


How Long Do Motorized Shades Last?

Due to motorized blinds being opened with the consistency of a motor, they tend to last a long time, as opposed to window shades that are handled manually.


Can They Be Plugged In?

There are two ways to run the power for smart blinds. The first is to hardwire them. This is convenient for homeowners who are building a new home or remodeling their current home. Power can be run right to the top of the windows, making it easy for the motorized shades to be hardwired. Another question we frequently get is–how much power are they using. The answer is very little. It doesn’t take much power to raise and lower the shades. Choosing to hardwire your motorized shades is about the convenience of not having to change batteries and environmental concerns about disposable batteries.


What Are the Options for Battery Powered Shades?

Battery-operated blinds can use disposable batteries or a rechargeable battery wand. Batteries need to be changed, on average, every two years, but it can depend on how often your shades are adjusted. With the rechargeable battery wand from Hunter Douglas, you can simply remove the battery pack from the top of your shades, charge it, and then place it back in. Many current Hunter Douglas PowerView battery-operated shades can be converted from disposable batteries to rechargeable battery packs.

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Are Motorized Blinds Loud?

This is a top priority at Hunter Douglas–creating motorized shades with whisper-quiet operation. It should be a soft whirring sound or a low hum.


How Much Do Motorized Shades Cost?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions. And, it should be. Home investments are expensive, and as a homeowner, you’ve got a lot of them. Window treatments can increase the value of your home, especially if they are automated. But, when you break down the cost of the project, several factors go into determining cost:

  • Type of motorization (individual wand control, remote, smart home)
  • How many window shades do you need
  • Which window coverings do you choose
  • Additional features of the window coverings
  • Whether or not you can use your smart home system, or if you have to buy extra components

smart accessories for automated shades the Hunter Douglas hub Beaverton OR

How About the Hidden Savings of Power Blinds?

There’s no doubt that the “cool” factor of smart shades is high. But, what about the hidden “savings” you might not consider until you experience them in your home? Past clients have reported these benefits:

  • Energy-efficient adjustments to maintain interior temperatures
  • Time saver for hard-to-reach window adjustments or wall of windows
  • Increased security in the evenings and while on vacation
  • Improved natural light usage to decrease overhead light
woman adjusts smart blinds with phone
Duette® Honeycomb Shades with PowerView® Automation

What Are the Most Important Factors to Consider?

There are a lot of companies that provide remote control blinds. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we can tell you that if you’re going to spend the money on this enhanced feature, be sure that the company–and brand–you select has a good reputation for two factors: Quality & Service. When you deal with any sort of technology, you’re going to want a motor that has a reputation for lasting. And, the type of service during installation is vital to you getting the best experience out of your smart blinds. Not only that but because there is technology involved–and working parts–it’s important to know you have a company that will be there when you call with questions or will come back to help if needed. This investment in your home should not be taken lightly. The professionals at Skyline Window Coverings walk you through the process. You’ll get set up on installation day with all the features–using them right from the start. We are here to answer questions, and we will be there for you in the future. Get in touch for your free in-home consultation.