The Best Roman Shades for Your Home

When it comes to window treatments, there are a few favorites that represent timeless style and grace. Roman shades, sometimes referred to as roman blinds, are on that list. But, to stand the test of time, products must evolve and change as new innovations and designs come into play. That’s exactly what Hunter Douglas romans have crafted to do. Want to see the best roman shades for your home this year? We’ve got them!

Discover Textures at the Window

From woven fabrics, to organic fibers found in nature, some of the best roman shades bring texture into the home. And, this is a trend that’s hot right now–with no chance of disappearing anytime soon. Woven roman shades bring low profile dimension into a space with these unique textured surfaces. Woven shades commonly gather in folds as they rise up the window, opening to bring in light and outdoor views. but when lowered, those folds flatten out.

living room with bamboo shades
Provenance® Woven Woods


Woven shades on large windows in vacation home overlooking the outdoors
Alustra® Woven Textures™


See How Romans Have Been Modernized

Traditional romans showcase fabrics in a folded stack at the top of the window. As the window shades are closed, the fabrics cascade down the window, leaving shaped folds of fabrics as they lower. Our Hunter Douglas collection of romans has been designed for a modern look, so much so that they put it in the name. Vignette Modern Roman Shades offer those beautiful folds, but in a contemporary, uniform style.

window blinds for your new home
Vignette® Modern Roman Shade Collection

As you search for the best roman shades for your home, don’t miss out on rolling roman shades. Part of the same Vignette Modern Roman Shades collections, you can get rolling operation with roman style. This keeps the bottom profile from stacking as the shade rises, rolling up and into the headrail. These can feature simple, constant folds that stay in place as the fabrics roll.

olive color window shades floor to ceiling with view through to the outdoor patio
Vignette® Modern Roman Shade Collection

For a sleek look, the flat front design of Vignettes can have that sought-after “knife pleat” look that is best added with battens that provide visual interest, but they are low profile, similar to a roller shade. These two versions of roman shades are quite similar from a distance, but the details of the two might sway your choices as you look for the best roman shades to fit your aesthetic.

Bedroom with rolling roman shades
Vignette® Modern Roman Shade Collection


Explore Traditional Style

As we mentioned, romans are a timeless way to decorate your windows for beauty and function. Traditional romans featured fabrics–in solids, prints or patterns, that coordinated with the interior style of the space. There are a number of fold styles for these fabric romans. Everyone has a look they prefer–and ones that they don’t like. When fabric romans are what you prefer, you’ll make selections about the way you want the folds to appear, as well as the fabrics you love.

custom roman shades by hunter douglas
Custom Romans


custom roman shades in a geometric gold pattern
Custom Romans

Which Ones Are the Best Roman Shades for You?

At Skyline Window Coverings, we’d love to help you discover which window treatments you love most of all! Our window covering specialists come right to your home for a free design appointment so you can get advice and ideas for your home. While our team members are there, it’s a great time for you to share your concerns and challenges so we can help you find the right solutions. The process of designing your window coverings is exciting. Get started today by getting in touch with us!