Today’s Top 5 Interior Design Styles

Home decor styles are always evolving, and you’ll find yourself drawn to certain characteristics as new elements emerge. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 interior design styles. Only 5? There are many variations of interior design–and so many ways to define the looks. Today, we’re showcasing five in an effort to show you what’s topping charts right now.

Wabi Sabi

Comfort. Softness. Warmth. It’s all about beautiful imperfection.

wabi-sabi dining room tops the list of 2024 top 5 home decor styles

Weathered finishes, charming textures and a variety of textiles mark this design statement. One key takeaway is the color scheme tends towards warm neutrals and monochromatic color schemes, letting the textures and character of the finishes make the statement. You’ll love this aesthetic if you find beauty in rustic or vintage finds–if you have an eye for natural pieces of wood or stone. Homes that feature wabi sabi are warm and welcoming, lived-in and comfortable. Want a bit more color? By adding live plants and splashes of color, you can personalize this space with bohemian charm. Boho didn’t make our top 5 interior design styles list, but wabi sabi could easily transition to it.


Mid-Century Modern

Vibrant colors with clean lines and organic shapes.

midcentury modern living room

The retro vibe of Mid-Century Modern has become widely popular, revived from its well-known origin in the 1960s and 70s. The color palette of Mid-Century Modern is full of distinct, vibrant and bold color-ways. The colors are intentional with clean lines and specific elements in organic shapes. Wood accents are a large part of this design style, including wood grain accents in cabinetry and wall treatments. Ceilings commonly feature wood accents, with beams or paneling. Architectural elements are meant to draw the eye, with sloped ceilings and wall cut-outs. As you exploring the top 5 home decor styles, pay attention to the shapes used within the designs. Midcentury Modern showcases geometric shapes and an incorporation of patterns. Furniture tends to be low-profile with thin framing. This decor style could easily transition to maximalist decor by bringing in eclectic pieces and all-over color.


Breezy and relaxing, coastal decor attempts to bring the vibe of oceanside charm indoors.

living room with coastal decor

Coastal decor is marked with a color palette of blues and whites. For decorating materials, think natural items found on the coast, like driftwood, beach glass, grasses and woods commonly used for woven items. The furniture is often seen as traditional–upholstered and comfortable–chosen for relaxing. More often than not, the furniture is substantial in size. Room decor, such as table items, pillows and blankets, are accented with nautical or seaside-inspired patterns. Linen is a popular fabric used in coastal decor, inviting an airy, soft atmosphere.


Combine the minimalism of Japanese interiors with Scandinavian functionality.

japandi kitchen with green and white color scheme and natural wood

It’s a beautiful marriage of two interior design styles–both marked with minimalism as a primary focus. Scandinavian design leans towards clean surfaces, simple furnishings and white walls. Japanese homes are simple, using zen-inspired colors of greens and blues, paired with soft neutrals. Both styles bring in natural materials within the decor.

Modern Farmhouse

Whites and woods come together with rustic touches and clean lines.

modern farmhouse entryway with white board and batten walls and light wood flooring

This cozy and inviting style pairs wooden decor, distressed edging, and a range of wall treatments, all featuring clean lines, like shiplap and board & batten. Modern Farmhouse uses thick textiles, such as burlap and canvas, a callout to actual farm-inspired items. The galvanized decor is common, showcasing the rustic touches often thought of with farm finds and vintage pieces. Chippy paint is popular, adding to the distressed look while bringing pops of soft colors into the space. Colors can be as simple as all-white interiors and wood flooring, to soft neutrals that are accented with pastels.

Which Window Treatments Fit In with These Interior Design Styles?

That’s what your window covering specialist is for! Most people don’t know which style defines them–or they don’t have just ONE defining choice. And, that’s ok. When you invite us in for a design consult, part of our job is to talk with you about your home, helping guide you to the pieces you love–and what you don’t.

top 5 interior design styles
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From there, we can help bring the vision together with the fabrics and features that will add beautiful design at the window, while enhancing the atmosphere. Showcasing these interior design styles is a stepping stone for you to see what’s out there in the design world, allowing you to pick and choose what you’d like to surround yourself with. Let’s get your free in-home appointment scheduled so you can be on the path to adding window coverings to your home. Get in touch with our team today!