The Top 5 Window Covering Features

The windows of your home influence so much of the style and atmosphere. The top window covering features help you tailor the design, control the light, bring in privacy and handle YOUR home’s trickiest window challenges. While your home is unique, do you know that other homeowners in your area are facing the same–or similar–challenges? Take it from the pros at Skyline Window Coverings: We know which window solutions are needed most. Let’s explore the 5 most popular features…

Covering Glass Doors

We all love our outdoor spaces–whether you have a beautiful patio area and yard, or simply a balcony that leads you to fresh air and city sights. The top window covering features for glass doors are the most sought-after solutions affecting homeowners. Many of our clients want to know what’s possible. We can show you the various collections we offer. But, we also have stunning photos of client homes showcasing the door coverings they chose.

Hunter Douglas roller shades on french doors and large windows
Designer Roller Shades

The Tilt Turn Window Covering Features

They act like windows; they act like doors. Tilt turn windows are an incredible way to bring fresh air into your home. The trouble comes when you want to solve the window challenges of too much light, not enough privacy and the need for energy savings. Before TrackGlide, there weren’t solutions that could offer everything you need to be comfortable at all times with these custom windows.

track glide system window coverings for turn tilt windows portland 97201
Track Glide System for Tilt Turn Windows

Floor to Ceiling Coverage Options

Our clients LOVE their large windows. They invite natural light and beautiful views. But, what’s the best way to cover large windows? Skyline designers are experts when it comes to providing dynamic solutions and gorgeous results for the tallest, widest, oversized windows.

architectural roller shades for large windows in modern living room
Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

Lower from the Top

It’s the ideal balance of privacy and natural light…Top Down Bottom Up! Able to lower from the top, or raise up from the bottom, you really have the chance for the perfect atmosphere at all times. The light streams in, but stays at the top of the space, illuminating the room, but reducing the glare and direct light. The rest of the window is covered for energy efficiency and privacy.

top down shades for top window covering features
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Motorized, Smart, Remote Control

The world of window coverings has been revolutionized by smart technology! It’s one of our top window covering features. Everyone loves what instant control means for their homes. There are different levels of control, based on how you want to adjust your window treatments. Skyline offers options for remote control, app control and smart home integration.

man controls smart shades with ipad for smart technology in Chicago IL
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Which One Do You Need?

Of all the window covering features, which one is your favorite? Visit our window covering solutions list to discover all of the ways you can transform the atmosphere of your home. Stop by one of our local window treatment stores to see everything in person, or invite a designer into your home to help you decide what might work best. Get in touch with us for your FREE consultation.