Our Top 7 Window Covering Innovations

New technology and product breakthroughs are always on the horizon. But, with continuous updates and upgrades, it can be hard to keep track of the latest announcements. We’ve got an “Innovation Alert” coming to you, as we take a look back at 7 window covering innovations you might have missed…

#1 Track Glide Makes the Impossible Possible

trackglide window coverings for tilt turn windows Beaverton OR

European style windows are all the rage. But, how do you cover them? The latest innovation in the world of window coverings is delivering solutions for tilt turn windows, hard to manage french door windows and tight spots you never thought you’d be able to cover. See more about TrackGlide.

#2 Darkness Gets Delivered with LightLock

duette shades with lightlock room darkening window covering innovations Chicago 60611

If you’re searching for the ultimate in room darkening, you can stop. LightLock is here. The U-channel fits inside your window frame, sealing off the light, while the Duette shades glide up and down to let in light or block it out. Discover the LightLock system here.

#3 Voice Control Your Atmosphere

voice controlled motorized shutters window covering innovations Vancouver WA

Don’t get up from the couch. With a simple request to Alexa or Siri, your automated shades and motorized shutters will transform the atmosphere. Find out more about Smart Home window covering innovations here.


#4 Cellular Roller Shades: The Combo You’ve Been Wanting

Cellular roller shades are the first on our list for

Combining the insulation of cellular shades with the sleek, low profile of roller shades. It seems like a match made in heaven, right? That dreamy concept is now the reality with Sonnette cellular roller shades. Whether you want them closed up for comfort and energy savings, or rolled up out of the way, you can do it easily. Take a look at this collection.


#5 Dual Shades: Have It Both Ways

Dual shades allow for the best of both worlds!

What are dual shades? The name says it all! By giving you the best of both worlds–the ability to filter light through a front shade and block it out with a secondary shade–it’s no wonder we’ve added this to our list!  Read more about it here!

#6 The New Features of the Design Studio

Design Studio Window Treatments allow for a personalized touch to your window coverings.

The Hunter Douglas Design Studio has taken some major steps in the right direction in 2019. While you’ve always been able to customize roman shades with a wide selection of fabrics, the newest window covering innovations are upgrading the Design Studio, including draperies and motorization with decorative hardware. See more about Design Studio Window Treatments here.

#7 A Collaboration Worth Talking About

rebecca atwood textile designed fabrics for Hunter Douglas Chicago IL

The latest collaboration with textile artist Rebecca Atwood will leave a stunning look throughout your home. Part of the Design Studio, you can choose these hand-painted specialty fabrics for draperies, romans and rollers. Check out the details for the Rebecca Atwood collection here.


Do You Agree with Our Selection of the Top Window Covering Innovations?

We’d love to know! Window covering innovations are always on the horizon and our team here at Skyline Window Coverings works hard to make sure the latest upgrades are available to you. If you’re feeling inspired to update your window treatments, invite us into your home. Contact our team today for your free consultation!