2024 Window Treatment Trends

Some of the latest and most spectacularly sustainable and everlasting Window Treatment Trends continue into 2024, so let’s get the deets. If you love the windows in your home, this is the year to add trending elements to their design. But, don’t let the word “trend” worry you, we have something for everyone. Our featured looks will provide style + function for your windows for years to come.

It’s Organic

Organic materials are being widely used in the industry to create colors, textures, and fabrics this year. The newest window treatment trends include bamboo, grasses, and woven woods in their natural form. Our design team at Skyline Window Coverings loves to infuse organic materials into their design plans when we can. The texture and vibrant color of these materials will take your look to the next level. Take a look at the Alustra Woven Textures below or discover the way Woven Wood Shades can elevate the neutral palette in your home.

Woven Woods window covering trends
Alustra® Woven Textures

Alustra Woven Textures

Alustra® Woven Textures from Hunter Douglas are crafted with precision to bring a touch of sophistication to any room. They combine luxurious natural materials with modern design for a timeless aesthetic.

Technical Specifications:

MaterialNatural fibers such as bamboo, grasses, and reeds
OperationManual or motorized with PowerView® Automation
Design OptionsVarious weaves, textures, and colors available
Light ControlVaries based on material thickness and weave density
PrivacyProvides moderate to excellent privacy depending on weave
Energy EfficiencyOffers insulation against heat and cold

Key Features:

  • Handpicked natural fibers for a unique, organic look.
  • Excellent light diffusion, allowing for ambiance control.
  • Superior craftsmanship ensures durability and longevity.
  • Options for both manual and motorized operation for convenience.
  • Compatible with Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation for seamless integration into smart homes.

Woven Wood Shades

Hunter Douglas Woven Wood Shades are inspired by nature, bringing warmth and texture into your home. Crafted from renewable materials, they offer both style and sustainability.

Technical Specifications:

MaterialRenewable materials such as bamboo, grasses, and jute
OperationCorded, cordless, or motorized with PowerView® Automation
Design OptionsWide range of colors, patterns, and weaves available
Light ControlAdjustable based on weave density and liner options
PrivacyProvides varying degrees of privacy depending on weave
Energy EfficiencyNatural insulation properties for energy savings

Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly materials sourced from sustainable forests.
  • Versatile design options to complement any décor style.
  • Customizable light control and privacy levels.
  • Cordless and motorized operation for child and pet safety.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs.

With Hunter Douglas Alustra Woven Textures and Woven Wood Shades, Skyline Window Coverings brings you the perfect blend of luxury, functionality, and sustainability. Elevate your space with these exquisite window treatments and elevate your atmosphere in style and comfort.

Smart, Smart, Smart

The future is now with smart home innovation. More and more clients expect their window treatments to work in collaboration with their smart home system, and we can make that happen. Motorized blinds, drapery, and shutters can deliver a seamless experience throughout your home. Set automated window treatments to a schedule and see how the atmosphere in your home improves without lifting a finger. In addition, smart shades positively impact energy bills and home security. This year, add PowerView Automation to your home and enjoy all the benefits.

motorized blinds or smart shades for your home
PowerView® Automation

Small Luxury

Treat yourself to an old favorite, Roller Shades. As part of the new and improved category, rollers offer a variety of stunning colors and trendy hardware. Old just got new again. Roller shades help in many tricky situations, they provide comfort by blocking bright light OR offer a view-through to the backyard, you choose the materials to get the results you need. In a situation where you’d like options, the dual roller shade is our newest go-to! The current window treatment trends include Designer Roller Shades, see where they’d fit into your home.

designer roller shades on black framed windows in the corner of a living room
Designer Screen Roller Shades

Try Layered Fabrics

For the completed look, try layering drapery and shades at the window. Besides looking incredible, layered fabrics provide the privacy, energy efficiency, and light control you need to keep your family comfortable. Need ideas for the perfect combination, discover Layered Fabrics and create art at the window.

2023 trending layered drapery in chicago
Custom Draperies with Vignette® Modern Roman Shade


We all want products that last, sustainability is an important quality when improving your home. It all begins with responsible manufacturing and recycled materials. In the realm of window coverings, clients are making informed choices and demanding excellent quality and durability along with energy efficiency and protection from the elements. Hunter Douglas is leading the market in sustainability efforts and is a company we trust.

modern sleek home office space with european tilt turn glass doors in Portland, OR
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Window Treatment Trends: What’s Your Favorite?

The latest window treatment trends are great motivation to start the window covering process. Remember not to sacrifice style when choosing your favorites, we can fit your windows with incredible style and also address issues such as light control, insulation, and privacy. Let’s put a plan together. Join us in one of our showrooms, or schedule a FREE in-home consultation, so we can see your project firsthand. Improve the look and feel of your home today!