Bathroom Window Coverings: What’s Important

In this day and age, we have to be smart about what works in our homes–especially when it comes to starting the day off right. When it comes time to roll out of bed and start your day, do you have your home set up to help you succeed? We aren’t talking about your bedroom–if you need sleep solutions, check out our latest piece about blackout shades. No, we’re talking about your bathroom. Sometimes overlooked, your bathroom initiates the day–setting the tone, affecting your mood. Do you want to set yourself up for success? Bathroom window coverings can do just that–read on for what’s important.


Light & Privacy

bathroom window coveringsThis is probably a no-brainer. When you moved in, even if you didn’t have window coverings in any other room, you probably had the bathroom windows covered. Your home may boast some incredible views, but–unfortunately–without bathroom window coverings, one of those views might be you! The options available to you offer adjustable privacy, so you are always in control. And natural light is a must have of bathroom essentials, but the intensity of direct light will cause annoyance from the frustrating glare that no amount of coffee will be able to fix.


Convenience & Control

bathroom window coveringsYou stumble into the bathroom, after the seventh snooze alarm has finally gotten you up and about. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have your bathroom set to the perfect scene to start your day off right? PowerView automation is all about lifestyle control, and what’s more important than setting the right scene every time? Your bathroom window coverings can be saved and scheduled with your favorite adjustments for a custom scene even before you get in there. You will enjoy the right amount of privacy and light control while you get ready without having to lift a finger.


Comfort & Care

bathroom window coveringsThe uniform pleat of window coverings brings a clean, sophisticated look to any room–your bathroom is no different. With style and texture, applause shades offer light control and privacy with customized features that bring out the best in your bathroom. The energy efficiency of the cellular design keeps your bathroom at a consistent temperature year round. As the cold weather approaches, that means you won’t have to deal with a freezing cold draft as you step out of the shower. And we have one more reason to love Applause shades for your bathroom window coverings–the fabric. Applause Venue–an innovation of Hunter Douglas–uses contoured fabrics in urban-inspired colors that resist the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Perfect for areas of condensation, this fabric is protected, giving you peace of mind that your investment will be safe for years to come.


Are you ready to start your day off with the valuable light and comfort of privacy that comes from bathroom window coverings? We would sure love to help. And right now, we are offering some exclusive savings through Hunter Douglas that could take you one step closer to creating your perfect space. Contact our team, at Skyline Window Coverings, for a free, in-home consultation.