Sleep Solutions for City Life

There is so much to love about living amidst the hustle-and-bustle of downtown Chicago. It boasts some of the best entertainment venues, bars and hot-spots in the country. While the convenience of being in the heart of a go-go-go city is invaluable, do you find it hard to stop and get a good night’s sleep? Did you know that good sleep improves health, mood, cognition, and productivity? You don’t have to sacrifice the benefits of city-living for personal well-being and quality sleep. You can have it all! We have some sleep solutions that will put you in control and make bedtime the best time.

Control the Light

Provenance-by-Skyline-Window-CoveringsAt night, Chicago is full of lights—streetlights, headlights, and lights from buildings across the way. Light is one of the biggest factors that impacts sleep; it can make it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. You get the best sleep in a dark room. Wondering how to block out the metropolis glow? Consider window shades that include room-darkening and blackout fabrics. These shades will be the sleep solution of your dreams! Also bear in mind that while you might be attached to your smartphone, laptop, and iPad during the day, it is best to turn off these devices or keep them out of your bedroom because they are sources of sleep-interfering light too. By controlling light, you will easily drift off to dreamland and wake up refreshed.

Control the Atmosphere

Modern-precious-metals-by-Skyline-Window-CoveringsLife in the city can be hectic and demanding; it can be hard to unwind after a long day. Yet relaxing before heading to bed is an important aspect of sleeping well. It sends signals to your brain that it is time to surrender the day and snooze. One way to help yourself relax is to be comfortable. With these sleep solutions, you have more control over getting comfy than you might think. Treat yourself to some new sleepwear and a high-quality pillow. Keep your home’s temperature consistent. Being too hot or too cold hinders quality rest, so energy-efficient window shades that facilitate maintaining a stable, comfortable temperature are worth considering—as are window coverings that absorb sound. Diminishing noise from outside will turn the inside of your home into a calming sanctuary for glorious slumber.

Control the Scene

Pirouette-Automated-Window-Shades-by-Skyline-Window-CoveringsThere are few things better than the striking and dynamic views you enjoy from your windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows are likely an elegant feature of your home and the backdrop for all of your entertaining. When you are ready to wind down in the evening, though, you want privacy. The last thing you want to do after a long day at work or a fabulous dinner party is go around and close the shades. So, why not let your window coverings do the work for you? With the intelligent technology of PowerView, you can program your window shades to automatically move to just the right positions for the amount of privacy, light, and room ambiance that suit your specific needs. Even if you are out with your friends, you can control your shades with the PowerView App. You’re busy, and you don’t need one more thing to do, so let PowerView be one of the sleep solutions that helps you rest easy.


Are you ready to take control and improve your sleep patterns and habits? Are you ready to say goodbye to nights of tossing and turning and hello to consistent, restful sleep? Are you ready for quality sleep to make you happier, more productive, and healthier both mentally and emotionally? If so, we would love to help you make those dreams a reality with the remarkable sleep solutions that window coverings provide. Enjoy days of fast-paced city life and nights of peaceful, undisturbed sleep. Contact our team at Skyline Window Coverings for a free, in-home consultation.