Window Problems? Take a Look Next Door.

Whether you know your neighbors or not, one thing is for sure–you have a lot more in common than you realize. As homeowners, we all have the same common issues–especially those who live near us. And, most of those issues boil down to window problems. Want to know what your neighbors have been saying about their own home? Let us give you a sneak peek…


“With floor-to-ceiling windows on the exterior walls, we need coverings without losing the view.”

window problems solved with silhouette shades on large windows and coastal decor design tips Chicago 60611

Your largest windows are also the ones that make the most dramatic statement. But, they can offer a huge amount of frustration. On the list of pros, natural light and breath-taking views create a stunning backdrop. The cons? Large windows bring flooding light, constant glare, no privacy, uncontrolled temps and faded interiors. Visit our Floor to Ceiling Solutions page to find the ideal combination of view-through and light filtering shades for your largest windows.


“We just moved in. We need room darkening blinds in all the bedrooms.”

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There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. And–there’s nothing worse than distracting light and early morning sun waking you–and your kids–up at the crack of dawn. A family that sleeps well gets along much better! From room darkening blinds that offer the smallest light gap in the industry, to the newest blackout features that seal off the light, we can help you create a better sleep environment in the bedrooms of your home. Discover room darkening solutions.


“New home–we need shades on all the windows. Thinking about motorized shades, but not sure of the cost.”

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At this point, we all know the convenience of smart home automation. What you might not realize is how affordable it can be to choose window shades, blinds or shutters as automated window coverings. This is probably the question we get asked the most, and rightfully so. With the world moving toward “whole home” smart systems, the price has come down on these upgrades–and the savings has increased! In the long run, you can save on energy costs by scheduling and integrating your smart shades to create the ideal atmosphere in your home. See more about smart home integration–and don’t be afraid to ask about price, you might be pleasantly surprised.


“Because it’s dark so early now, I feel like our neighbors can watch our every move all evening long.”

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Seasonal changes can reveal a lot of issues in your home. It’s possible to feel more private throughout the summer, with the greenery of the landscape and the long daylight hours. But, in the midst of winter, you can sometimes feel like your whole life is on display. Privacy is a key factor in creating both happiness and comfort in your home. Find out more about top down shades.


Let Us Help You Solve Your Window Problems…

At Skyline Window Coverings, we pride ourselves on helping you thrive in your home. Lifestyle By Design® is our mission. It’s not just about blocking out the light. It’s about working with to help you develop the best atmosphere and benefits in your home, so you can live your best life. We come right to you for a FREE in-home design appointment. Contact our team to get started today!