The Beauty of Sunrise and Sunset at the Touch of a Button: Smart Technology

The ultimate in light control and privacy is the the power of smart technology from Hunter Douglas. It’s called PowerView, and it introduces the automation of blinds, shades and sliding panels to customize window treatment operation to perfectly fit the lifestyle of your home.  With smart home technology, your window treatments rise, tilt, adjust and close with the touch of a button–or full on smart integration.

Control Your Way

These sought-after features of automation can be controlled on your favorite device with a free download of the app, offering ease and control for every adjustment of your window treatments. Schedule the operation of your window treatments to fit your busy lifestyle, and realize the immense benefits this technology has to offer.

remote control blinds with device app Hunter Douglas motorized blinds Naperville 60540

Adding to the highest level of ease and convenience, Hunter Douglas has enhanced this technology with the ability to integrate automation with your favorite smart home operating system. There’s no “learning new technology” involved here–you can simply use what you’re already comfortable with, adding your smart shades into the mix.

Customized to Your Location

One aspect we really love about this smart technology is the ability to set controls for your location. You can schedule adjustments based on your time zone–like sunrise and sunset changes in lighting. As you may already know, the daily times for sunrise and sunset are continually shifting, by one or two minutes, later and later as the calendar days go by. Once summer arrives, the opposite occurs. From the beginning of the month to the end, the shift will result in a difference of approximately 30-35 minutes.

man controls smart shades with ipad for smart technology in Chicago IL

This will dramatically affect the amount of light entering your home, based on your scheduled automation, prompting you to alter the schedule of window treatment operation. As the sun sets in the evening, the living room shades can close to give you the evening privacy that’s important to you. And, since your location is customized, as the sunset time changes over the course of the year, the adjustments change to fit that timing.

What Other Benefits Are There?

Embrace the sunrise as the natural light of the horizon enters your home.

Your window treatments–closed during the night for privacy and room-darkening features–slowly tilt. Watch as the first rays of the rising sun are filtered for soft light.

blackout bedroom motorized shades compatible with smart home technology Chicago 60611

Your home will receive the ultimate energy efficiency & protection from harmful UV rays.

How? Set the schedule for your window treatments. Automation occurs after the sunrise has been enjoyed. You have a busy lifestyle. Experience a high level of protection without the constant worry whether or not you remembered to close your window treatments.

The best of both worlds…the automation takes care of light control and privacy for you.

Scheduling the adjustment of your window treatments fifteen minutes before the sunset is expected. Dinner is enjoyed as the glow of sunset filters into your home.

smart shades closing at sunset in dining room with smart technology in Portland OR

With west-facing windows, as sunset approaches, the sun’s glare is unrelenting. Schedule your window treatments–in specified rooms–to adjust as the sun is lowering in the sky. You can enjoy natural light throughout the day. Then, use these specialized automation features to make adjustments at critical times to block the harsh glare of the sun.

Within your home, like so many others, there exist a variety of sleep preferences. Utilize the scheduling feature so that you can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise. Other members of your family are left in rooms that are dark and still. You’ll enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee on a Saturday morning before anyone else wakes up.

Do You Need Smart Technology in Your Life?

Smart technology offers you the ultimate in light control for your home. Schedule the adjustment of your window shadings, blinds and panels, while automation does all the work. These features will enhance your lifestyle–allowing you to control exactly how those daily events will interact with your life. Using your location to make the proper adjustments needed has never been easier. Contact our team at Skyline Window Coverings. Find out how these feature can change your life with a FREE consultation.