Simple Automation: Enhance Your Everyday Life

It’s not hard to feel lost in the abundance of new technology. That’s why we love Simple Automation–because it’s simple! And, it enhances our lives. While the many choices out there can feel confusing, you don’t have to be an expert with computers and gadgets to experience the benefits.  Smart home technology gives you the option to personalize the convenience in your space. You don’t have to buy it all to feel like you have it all. Instead, add simple automation to your home and improve the small, yet most important, aspects of your life. Take a look at some of our ideas for enhancing your life throughout your entire day.


Wake Up Rejuvenated

simple automation bedroom pirouette shades

How many times do you wake up wishing for just a few extra minutes of sleep? But, once you open your blinds to let in the morning sunshine, you feel awake and ready for the day? Allow Simple Automation to make waking up easier. Use the PowerView app to create a schedule for your mornings. Your motorized shades will open on their own, gently waking you with refreshing light. Are you up earlier than expected? Use voice control with Amazon Echo to open your blinds. On the weekend, we know those extra minutes of sleep are important. If your weekends are programmed to wake you up earlier than you want, simply reach over to your pebble remote and shut the blinds until you’re ready to start the day. Or, use your phone app and create a “Saturday Morning Snooze” setting; your blinds will adjust exactly how you want them, and you’ll get to cuddle up and enjoy your morning in bed.


Leave the House Stress-Free

simple automation foyer silhouette shades

Getting out of the house on time can be a huge task, especially if you gave into those few extra minutes of sleep. Simple automation can ease some of the stress that comes along with heading to work, getting your kids out the door for school, going for your morning run…whatever it may be. You may not realize it, but leaving your home involves so many steps, like grabbing your keys, purse, and phone. Do you ever put your phone down somewhere, and less than a minute later forget where it is? Use an Apple Watch to ping it. Do you leave for hours at a time and worry about your house while you’re away? The simple automation of PowerView is a huge help. You can close your motorized shades at the touch of button. All you have to do is create a scene on your app. You can even use your Apple Watch to control your shades! With simple automation, you’ll leave your home knowing that the security, privacy, and temperature are exactly how you want.


Finally…Time to Relax

simple automation living room motorized shades

It’s the best time of the day–evening. Work is over. Laundry’s finished. A warm bubble bath is waiting. Okay, every evening may not be this great, but with simple automation, you can certainly relax easier. Creating a schedule with PowerView can enhance your life by preparing the perfect environment before you even step foot in the door. Remember how your bedroom blinds opened at the crack of dawn? Now, they’re closed for your privacy and a good night’s sleep. The family room windows were open to bring in natural light during the day, now they’re shut and waiting for you to curl up on the couch for movie night. PowerView’s “scenes” add convenience, too. Do you have weekly game night with friends or family? Create a scene for Game Night, and watch as your atmosphere adjusts to your liking. Does your nightly routine involve working out, but today’s just… not one of those days? Keep a scene saved for your Rest Day. It’s your lifestyle, and simple automation is here to improve your busy schedule.


Simple Automation: Let’s Enhance Your Life

simple automation powerview motorization

See? Technology doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple automation benefits your lifestyle by enhancing your everyday schedule. Your favorite scenes and settings will be saved, ready to help make your busy day flow better. You can even decide how you control everything. Voice activation, like with Amazon’s Echo or Google Home, is one of the latest innovations in home technology. Use your favorite device, like your phone or smartwatch, to change your settings. It’s all up to you. Plus, you don’t have to be a tech-expert to see the benefits! We’ll help you set up PowerView and show you how to create and save your favorite settings. Contact our team at Skyline Window Coverings to get started.