Prioritize Safety with Child Safe Blinds

Going to my grandparents’ house was a favorite part of my childhood. The attention, the treats, and the fun fill my memories. Now, my children enjoy the same. I love that they get to experience the love of a grandparent. But, as a parent, I look around their home and see potential dangers for my kids in everyday items. One of the biggest hidden dangers for children in the home are dangling cords from window blinds. While most parents take time to attend to potential dangers, grandparents and other caregivers may overlook them. Child safe blinds, shades and shutters can be such an important part of making your child’s environment safe.


The Importance of Child Safe Blinds

In the age of social media, parents hear the tragic stories. They’re warned, and they take precautions. The products parents are buying today are more regulated than ever. Why is it so important to push the idea of installing child safe blinds? Many grandparents don’t hear the same stories. Hidden dangers don’t worry them as much because, oftentimes, children only visit occasionally. Grandparents are also more likely to live in older homes. Outdated window treatments offer the potential for accidents.

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With today’s innovations, installing cord safe and cordless blinds and shades will not only make safety your top priority, they’ll add convenient control to your life. This continuous cord loop allows you to adjust your shades while the cord is bolted to the inside frame of your window. No tangles, no potential for tangles.


Playful Imaginations

This picture is peaceful and lovely. If this was happening in your home, you would feel confident that the kids would be fine if you ran to the restroom or prepared a snack. But, it only takes seconds for an accident to happen.

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In the short moments children are left alone, tangles could happen, resulting in serious–even fatal–injuries. But, in this picture, these children are safe. Cordless blinds, shades and shutters will give you peace of mind.

Curious Hands…

Kids are imaginative and curious. A window cord can become a necklace or a puppy leash. Maybe they simply want to see out the window and get tangled up. It doesn’t seem dangerous to kids, but the situation can spiral out of control quickly.

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On a recent trip to the Post Office, these–often well-behaved–children were tempted by dangling cords. Luckily, they were supervised, but in the end, even mom got tangled up.


Keep Them Safe.

So, what can you do to make visits to the grandparents’ safe and worry free? Child safe blinds. Installing cordless and cord safe window treatments throughout your home is the solution everyone needs.

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Pirouette® Shades with Luminette® Privacy Sheers on Sliding Doors

There are cordless window treatments in both manual and motorized options that are not only safe, but beautiful, effective and convenient! If you still want a cord, get a cord safe system installed. Contact us at Skyline Window Coverings for a free consultation. We will help you figure out the best–and safest–options for you and your family.