Your Beautifully Decorated Holiday Home

The kids are settled into school, September is coming to a close, and fall is officially here. You know what that means? The holiday season is just around the corner! Yes, there’s still quite a bit of time before the real hustle and bustle begin, but, if you want a beautifully decorated home this year, now’s the time to start. Why? Because custom design and craftsmanship take time. And, starting in on your to-do list today means you’ll have less to do when the holiday rush begins. So, what exactly can you do right now? Our design experts recommend focusing on these four spaces in your home…


Your Entryway

When it comes to fashioning a beautifully decorated home, there’s no better place to start than your entryway. It’s the first impression holiday guests will have of your home. So, wow them with a stunning space! Foyer windows play a big part in creating a gorgeous atmosphere. Outfitting them with designer fabrics will amp up the style. Plus, the right window coverings will allow just the right amount of natural light to enhance the beauty of every other design element.

beautifully decorated Portland


Your Dining Room

The holiday season brings a lot more action to your dining room. From delectable appetizers all the way to luscious desserts, you want your family and friends to be relaxed and comfortable around the table. A beautifully decorated dining room will help everyone enjoy their time together. What’s essential? Effortless light control. When your meal and guests are welcomed with soft, filtered light, the whole scene is merry and bright (but not too bright)! And, with PowerView motorization, you can schedule automatic adjustments so you can actually savor the food and company too!

beautifully decorated Naperville


Your Living Room

The weeks and days leading up to the holidays can be exhausting. After all the planning, preparing, and wrapping, it’s glorious to finally be able to sit back and enjoy quality time with the ones you love. Whether you’re sipping drinks and reminiscing, exchanging gifts, or watching your favorite holiday movie together, a beautifully decorated living room will be a welcome relief. And, versatility is vital. Sometimes you’ll want a sheer view, other times you may prefer more privacy or even theatre-style darkness. The ideal window coverings offer all that, and motorization means you can have it without ever leaving the couch!

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Your Guest Bedroom

One of the best gifts you can give your holiday guests is a beautifully decorated room to call home. Your guest bedroom should provide privacy, comfort, and the right environment for a good night’s sleep with whispers of elegant styling. Nothing matters more than the right window coverings. Custom features like top down bottom up, motorization, and room-darkening will fashion the perfect atmosphere while exquisite fabrics complement your design.

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Beautifully Decorated & Holiday-Ready

Do you want your home to be beautifully decorated and holiday-ready? Then it’s time to get started. Our team here at Skyline Window Coverings would love to help you achieve the best style and function for your home this holiday season and all year round. Contact us today for your FREE, in-home consultation.