Fall Solutions: The Best Window Coverings for Insulation

Fall is here, and it’s time to start thinking about bracing ourselves for cooler temps. We recently sat down with Columbian Magazine to talk about how to insulate in style. We discussed features we love, as well as naming the best window covering for insulation. Take a look…

What changes will autumn bring to the world of window coverings?

Fall is a favorite time of year–beautiful skies, the changing leaves–even chilly mornings feel refreshing. On the other hand, fall is the reminder that it’ll just keep getting colder. It’s time to ask yourself: Is your home ready? Up to 40% of heat loss happens at the window. Now is the time to insulate. The right window coverings reduce drafts, maintain comfort and help you avoid skyrocketing energy bills.

best window coverings for insulation Hunter Douglas Chicago 60611

What are the best window coverings for insulation?

We have a range of products–you can choose the look that fits your style. Plantation Shutters frame the window for energy efficiency. Our Duette Honeycomb Shades offer levels of cellular construction, for proper insulation right at the window. With Roman Shades, you’ll get layers of fabric that keep cool temps out during the winter, but just like our cellular shades, they also block the heat of summer. The best window coverings for insulation are those that look beautiful, but also give you year round solutions.

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Are there other issues homeowners experience this time of year?

As the leaves begin to fall, you’d be surprised how much light enters your home. The glare is terrible. We have many clients looking to solve glare issues in both fall and winter. And, as the leaves fall, there’s no longer privacy. One of my favorite features is top down bottom up. You get natural light across your ceiling, and you can enjoy the beautiful skies and changing leaves. But, you have all the privacy you want, reducing the glare, and–you guessed it–energy efficiency over much of the window.

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Features…What are the favorites this time of year?

Our clients are absolutely loving motorization. Because Hunter Douglas PowerView is compatible with most Smart Home systems, you experience a range of benefits, like scheduled adjustments and favorite settings–contributing to energy savings. Another favorite is Duolite (dual shades). The best of both worlds, they filter light with one shade, and when needed, block light with the other. Many of our products are available with dual shades, setting the atmosphere and solutions no matter the room or style.

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