Natural Elements Invite the Beauty and Refreshment of Spring

Itching for spring to arrive? We’ve seen a few glimpses of the season recently, but the temperatures are mostly still hovering in the unpredictable range. Are you longing to enjoy springtime’s fresh air, warming sunshine, and colorful flower buds? Why wait? Try inviting the gorgeous natural elements of spring into your decor. It’ll bring all the best of springtime–its new energy, beauty, and refreshment–into your home until it finally bursts into full bloom outside.


Lighten the Atmosphere

One of the best ways to bring spring in is by lightening things up. Replace darker, heavier decor pieces with natural elements that feature lighter hues and a more refreshing feel. For color, whites, pastels, and other neutrals embody all things spring. Woven fabrics (think burlap, canvas, and twill) showcase neutrals while adding a touch of warmth and a big connection to nature. If you want to keep things ultra light and fresh, linen and muslin are our go-to favorites.


Play Up the Imperfect

After a long winter, a spring day can seem like complete perfection. If you pause to really think about springtime, though, you’ll find that it’s actually quite messy, rough, and unfinished. And that’s all part of its beauty. Playing up natural elements that put imperfection on display is an incredible way to capture the essence and magnificence of spring in your home. Distressed wood and greenery add dimension. Unfinished accents and rough-cut edges speak to rustic styling. Adding these materials and accents from nature to your “put together” space will create dramatic contrast that’ll truly enhance your design!


Relish the View

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There’s nothing like watching the transformation from winter to spring. It’s pure majesty. Plus, when you’ve got a case of spring fever, enjoying the view provides enormous relief. But not if you’re plagued by all the issues that come along with bare windows. Right away, you’ll probably be frustrated by harsh glare and uncomfortable heat. And you might soon notice just how little privacy you have and how much damage UV rays can cause. The right window coverings are must-haves for spring. Not only will they allow you to enjoy springtime sunshine and your view in comfort, but they’ll safeguard your privacy and your decor.


Discover Your Favorite Natural Elements

What natural elements and decor pieces are best for you? The ones that speak to your personal style and surround you with an atmosphere you love. Bringing spring and the outdoors in is sure to offer a peaceful environment and energize you this season. Looking for the ideal window treatments? Our team at Skyline Window Treatments can help. We’d love to guide you toward the right window shades that’ll offer soft lighting, a stunning view, custom privacy, and so much more! Contact us today for your free, shop-at-home consultation!