Minimalism: Simple Elements, Maximum Effect

Minimalism. You’ve heard the buzzword. But, what does it mean to you? Is it a style statement–or a way of life? Stay with us as we explore minimalism throughout the fashion and function of our homes…

Minimalism Defined.

“A design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect.”

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If you had to choose the fewest elements to create maximum effect, what would they be? Would it make your life easier? We bet you’d choose the elements with the most significance.

Tidying Up Magic

Marie Kondo, the best-selling author–and star of a hit TV show, has made de-cluttering into an art form. The minimalism mindset is not just about getting rid of stuff–and that’s the important part.

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Tidying up becomes about intention. The focus with minimalism is to design your best life, simplifying things to include only what brings you joy.

“Invisible” Clutter

Physical clutter is known to cause anxiety and frustration–we’ve all felt that. But, what if the “stuff” that’s causing your home to feel uncomfortable is more difficult to identify? Atmosphere clutter can have a tremendous impact on your daily life.

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This is where having the right window coverings can be vital to your happiness. A home filled with glaring light, hot spots, too much direct light or not enough? That will continually cause your mood to tank and your frustration to increase.

Minimalism Meets Window Treatments.

Long gone are the days of tangles of dangling cords and broken slats. Or, are outdated window treatments still a thing in your home? Your window treatments surround you, in every space throughout your home. They should create the style and function you need in your life.

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It’s time you chose better for yourself. Minimalism is about being intentional. And, there’s no better way to create intentional atmosphere than with the right window coverings. Simple elements, maximum effect.

Atmosphere Joy

Think about your day-to-day. Where is the frustration? What are you waiting for before making a change for the better? At Skyline Window Coverings, our mission is to help you design your lifestyle. We created Lifestyle by Design™ as a mission to make the homes of our clients the places where they could live their best lives.

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Comfort, happiness, relaxation, convenience, productivity. Let us help you create an atmosphere that sparks joy. Contact our team to get started on embracing minimalism in your home.