Got Space? Window Covering Solutions Suited for Strict Boundaries

The Great Debate: Inside Mount vs Outside Mount

Do you feel like your home has limited space? Do you have obstacles, like furniture, that seem to be in the way? What if your home is the right size, but your windows are just too close together–what can be done? Spatial boundaries can be a concerning issue when trying to decide the best options for window treatments. Whether the problem involves a window frame being too close to a wall, or windows with adjacent sliding glass doors, we have the answers for your trickiest space issues. Read on to find our FAQ when dealing with window covering solutions.

window covering solutions inside mountHow can window treatments be mounted if there is no room outside of the frame?

To begin with, we always prefer to fit the product inside the window. Space issues may also depend on the type of window treatment. Window coverings require different mounting depths based on what kind of window treatment we are mounting. Our expert team will provide you with a plan for window covering solutions that offer the perfect mounting for your windows with minimal light gaps and a finished look.

We want the room to be dark. Is this possible?

Yes. The window coverings we install are custom–both designed and sized for your windows. Many times, we can control light and privacy much better on an inside mount. The custom fit ensures minimal light gap, and the products we install fit the opacity you are seeking.

Which style will fit my home the best–inside or outside mount?

We can help you decide. Most of the new products have a heavy emphasis on exterior finishing effects for outside mounts. You might be able to fit the hardware for a solid mount inside the window, but that doesn’t mean it will finish the best. Our well-trained professionals have great tools to help you visualize your new treatments and the experience to guide you to the right window covering solutions.

window covering solutions coordinated shadesWhat design choices do I have for adjacent windows? My sliding glass door?

The beauty of Hunter Douglas products is that the fabrics, textures and patterns have so many complementary choices. Hunter Douglas goes above and beyond to offer you the highest level of design for your entire space, not just one window. You will be able to choose matching or coordinating fabrics regardless of the fashion or function of each individual window covering. Ask about our visualization tools so you can see it put together ahead of time.

We also have the newest features in window covering innovations, for tricky spaces and unique windows, like the European style tilt turn windows. See the latest operating system here.

Ready for Window Covering Solutions?

Where you may see problems, we see solutions. Let our years of experience speak to you, guiding you to discover all that is possible. Product choices are endless, and with the stylish design capabilities, you will achieve the finished, refined look you have been hoping for. Contact the professionals at Skyline Window Coverings for a free, in-home consultation. You’ll be glad you did.