French Door Shades: Options You’ll Love

This time of year, we all want to start enjoying our outdoor spaces, and your patio doors are about to get a workout! That makes this the perfect time to start thinking about upgrading your home with french doors shades. The right window treatment on your patio door means you can enjoy your view, let in a breeze, or bask in the sunshine without sacrificing privacy or light control. We’ve put together a collection of options that are stylish and functional. You’re sure to find the right french door shades for your taste and lifestyle!


Getting the Right Coverage

silhouette sheer french door shades Your patio doors are the focal point that blends your indoor and outdoor living spaces. When choosing french door shades, you don’t want to cover up too much and lose out on the view that ties the two together! High transparency and elegant, clean style make Silhouette soft shades a great option for french door shades! These beautiful sheers turn harsh light and glare into a soft, welcoming glow, and protect your indoor spaces from damaging effects of UV rays. Constructed with nearly invisible floating vanes, Silhouette has a clean look, and maximum view-through, so you can enjoy your landscaping, patio garden, or gorgeous city view!


Control Your Natural Light

vertical french door shadesNatural light is a wonderful asset in your home, and your patio doors are likely a great source for it! But too much direct light that isn’t properly managed can be a real pain, resulting in overheating rooms, damaged and faded furniture and walls, and an unpleasant glare. Another great option for french door shades are the problem solving Luminette privacy sheers shown here. Luminettes offer a range of opacities with sheer, drapery-like fabrics. Constructed with rotating fabric vanes, you have the ultimate range of control for your natural light, view, and privacy. Let Luminette disperse your natural light evenly throughout the room, so you can enjoy all the benefits, without the headaches!


Another Way To Go

french door shades and shuttersOne more excellent option we have to mention when talking about french door shades are Plantation shutters! In addition to adding classic sophistication, plantation shutters are easily adjusted for quick privacy and light control. Highly customizable, shutters offer a perfect fit around door handles, and are locked in place, so they move with the door – perfect for high traffic areas. Hunter Douglas plantation shutters are guaranteed to never warp or crack, and are a fantastic option to consider when finding your perfect french door shades.


With any of these options–and many others that we have to offer–for french door shades, you really can’t go wrong! Whether you prefer Silhouettes, Luminettes or plantation shutters, you’re adding style and solutions to your home! The best way to decide the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle is to see them for yourself! Contact us, and we’ll help you schedule a free at-home consultation. We can bring all of these options right to your door, making it easy for you to decide which one is your perfect fit!