Boys Room Transformations with Magda of MyModernDom

It’s the home of Magda, of Instagram’s @mymoderndom, that you’ll find two complete boys room transformations! The family set out on a journey to renovate an older home, and it’s hard to believe how far they’ve come. The Skyline team enjoyed being part of this process, helping choose and install window coverings for the boys’ bedrooms. 

When asked how life has improved since the installation of the window shades, Magda said, “Incredibly! Kids sleep in on the weekends which was our number 1 goal – ha! More sleep for them = happy parents!”

The Light

Stepping inside either of the boys’ bedrooms, and you’ll notice the stunning style of their windows. The black window trim provides modern design, and the natural light enters for an uplifting atmosphere. 

Multiple windows in a bedroom space can be a great way to save money on energy bills–not always having to rely on artificial lighting. But, the entering light can cause sleep issues. Late night summer sunsets can delay bedtime.

“Each of the boys rooms have two bigger windows, they get a lot of sunlight in the morning and it was so bright in there! We needed something with a blackout option to help make their rooms nice and dark–even when the sun was trying to wake them up! Also, because their rooms are “kids” rooms, I wanted something that was easy to use, but also looked nice and tidy when the shades were up or down.”

Morning wake-ups can arrive way too early as the light floods the room. Another issue comes with passing headlights or street lamps glowing at night, these can cause sleep disturbances throughout the night. The right window treatments will be a game-changer for the boys room transformations they were working to create.


The Shades

Magda knew she wanted window treatments that would coordinate with the contemporary look of the home. For her boys’ rooms, she chose Vignette Modern Roman Shades. The rolling romans add sleek function to the designer look of these flat fold shades. The uniform look of the flat fold lends itself to transitional style–these will be window shades that will grow with the space, no matter the decor. 

“I loved so many of the options, but ultimately ended up with this because of the minimal and clean lines of the shades and ease of use.”

Cordless Design

When it comes to adding window shades to a child’s bedroom, there’s no more important feature than cordless. Sometimes, parents consider childproofing to be over once babies and toddlers grow, but with some aspects of home design, it’s the older children that will benefit from safety features.

side window in bedroom with cordless operation for child safety

A child’s room deserves to be a safe place for them to play without worry. Cordless shades also empower children to control the light and views into their own space with simple function–and without concern that they’ll break something.

“The boys absolutely love them! They use them every day! So glad we went with this option.”

Room Darkening

The fabrics chosen for this space were chosen specifically with the room darkening feature. With light entering at various angles from multiple windows, the room darkening shades will allow the boys to fall asleep easily, stay asleep throughout the night and sleep longer in the morning.

childs room windows with room darkening roman shades

“The entire process was so easy – working with Kelly was so fun and she did all the hard parts of measuring and ensuring that everything was perfect. The installation was easy and incredibly fast – but the most surprising part was how quickly the shades came! They arrived way before I thought they were going to come which was amazing, our boys had shades on their windows before we did!”


The Boys Room Transformations Have Been a Success!

As you can see, the renovations of this home have come a long way. The final touches of roman shades continued the style of the spaces into modern design. And, the lifestyle? As we’ve heard, the family is loving all of the features and benefits they have brought! See more projects on Instagram. Reach out to the team for your FREE in-home consultation to get started on your upcoming project!