Window Coverings That Transform Light: Solutions for Tricky Window Locations

Is the weather wreaking havoc in your life? Depending on the direction your windows face, it can be difficult to find comfort in your home. The intense sunshine and damaging UV rays of summer, the pounding rains and wind–oh, that terrible wind–of spring and autumn, and of course, the snow and cold of winter–it seems like the weather offers so many challenges year round. Have you ever thought about how tricky window locations play into that? You are a victim of your window placement. You can be in control of the light and the energy efficiency with window coverings that help you create the perfect atmosphere in your home.


Windows Facing East…

window coveringsA stellar sight, the beauty of sunrise and the stillness of morning awaken you every day. Like many of our clients, if you have floor to ceiling windows, you understand the majesty of looking out over the landscape and starting your day with a productive, refreshing tone. That is, until 10 A.M. when your home is filled with the baking sun. With your face flush and the stuffy air surrounding you, you stumble over to turn the air on. The air conditioning–even in the coldest times of the year! Your life will be forever changed with window coverings that allow these benefits:

  • Adjust directional vanes easily for the right amount of light
  • Enjoy the natural light with top/down, bottom/up operation
  • UV protection to protect your belonging from the glare
  • Energy efficiency to maintain comfortable temperatures

Windows Facing West…

window coveringsThe sky at sunset is breathtaking. Dramatic colors and swirling clouds create a backdrop of unmistakable beauty. Windows that face west offer you the calm and relaxation of the perfect setting for a quiet evening at home alone, or a dynamic atmosphere for entertaining. You may want to consider keeping a stash of sunglasses for your guests, though. That sunset, as beautiful as it is, can provide piercing light. And if you plan to relax, or entertain, you need to arrive home hours ahead of time to cool down your home after the six or seven hours the sun has shone into your home. Consider window coverings that allow you to maintain the lifestyle you dreamed of, before you realized the reality of West facing windows:

  • Maximum view of your landscape without the glare
  • Reflective sheers provide a filtered, sun lit environment
  • Use the natural light with Daylighting
  • UV protection of valuable belongings
  • Energy efficiency for consistent temperature

Windows Facing North or South…

window coveringsWhile you may not experience the intense issues of East and West Facing windows, the weather patterns can be so severe that the right window coverings will allow you to pull light in for more productivity, or provide your home with a layer of insulation for comfort and warmth during the cold of winter. The function of your window coverings is vital, as this is what will allow you to enjoy the elements and features for the ideal atmosphere. Just the right amount of sunlight will brighten your home, avoiding the ‘cave’ environment many of us are in during this time of year. See what the right window coverings can do for your home:

  • Enjoy your view, cut the glare
  • Pull in the natural light
  • Energy efficiency offers a comfortable atmosphere year round
  • Adjust easily depending on circumstance and light needed


Don’t let the chaos of our wacky weather or tricky window locations rule your life. Let the light work for you, and decide when you need it with window coverings. You will transform your home, creating the ideal atmosphere and reminding you of all the reasons you loved your windows from the start! Contact our team, at Skyline Window Coverings, for a free, in-home consultation.