Need Privacy? We’ve Got Ideas.

There’s no doubt you need privacy in your home. The questions arise when it comes to figuring out the most important areas of your home, what level of privacy is necessary and then the best ways to accomplish it.


Bedrooms & Bathrooms

These rooms are a given. From day one, the bedrooms and bathrooms of your home need privacy. But, how much? And what works best?

woven wood shades when you need privacy
Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

In the bedrooms of your home, accessing light can be separate from the times when privacy is a priority. You could think of this as a “light switch” concept, when the shades make the room dark and private–or light and open. 

top down shades bathroom design Hunter Douglas Hinsdale 60521

The bathrooms are another story. Powder rooms can feature window coverings with that on/off function, but your full bath probably needs more features. While in the midst of getting ready for the day, you need a good balance of both light & coverage. 


The Front of the House

When it comes to the front of your home, you might find that security plays a part in the need for privacy. Facing the street, those lower windows–and even your front door–can provide a view right into your home. While the top down feature is a good one in this area, window treatments with directional control, like shutters and blinds are a great way to bring light in, but stop the view.

hardwood shutters entryway inspiration in chicago IL home
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

Another solid option is motorization. Set the smart shades to close while you’re gone during the day. Even when you go out of town, that schedule continues, which means your shades are moving regularly for security purposes.


The Back of the House–Or, Way Up in the Air…

In the back of your home, or way up in the air–if you live in a condo building, you may not feel anxious about security, but the time of day can play an important role. During the day, the windows aren’t showing much activity that the neighbors would pay attention to. Starting at dusk and increasing as darkness sets in, the light inside your home acts as a spotlight on family activity.

choosing window shades for your downtown Chicago condo
Designer Roller Shades with Duolite® Dual Shades

These are the types of windows that would do well with options like the dual shade feature, shutters or blinds for directional control, or Pirouette shades that can close off much of the view without getting rid of all the light. The fabric opacity you choose plays a big role for window shades, especially when you see them over the course of the day.

4 varying opacities of fabrics for window shades in Portland OR
Duette® Honeycomb Shades


If You Need Privacy, We Can Help!

Whether you need a lot of privacy, just a little, or an expert to guide you to exactly what would work best in your home, we can help. Our team of window covering specialists will come right to you for a free consultation. Get in touch with the Skyline Window Coverings team today.