Freshen Up your home with a Fabulous Look… Silhouette Window Shadings

Silhouette ShadesSoft light filters into your home, providing a comfortable, soothing atmosphere. The view is amazing, as you see your entire windowscape clearly, no cords or tapes present, just the view beyond your windows. This is Silhouette Window Shadings from the brilliance of Hunter Douglas. Patented technology, known as ‘anti-moire’, allows for better view through than any other shadings on the market. Having no cords to deal with translates into safety for your children and pets. Peace of mind is here to stay. Your privacy is guarded, as the view-in is blocked during the day. Silhouette Window Shadings from Hunter Douglas protects the inside of your home with up to 99% UV protection. Instead of harsh, unrelenting glare, you receive light as it is dispersed deep into your home, filtered and flowing, reducing your need for electricity. Available for many different window sizes and function, Silhouette Window Shadings possess the ability to completely transform your home. With the highest quality fabrics and design options, you will feel as if you stepped into the pages of a catalogue just upon entering your own home.

Find out how to transform your home. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation. We can help you discover the gentle, soothing and breathtaking characteristics of your home with Silhouette Window Shadings.