Dusting Your Blinds, Shades & Shutters…in the most easy and effective way.

Dusting your blinds, shades & shutters can seem like a difficult and–many times–overwhelming feat.  It can often be put off for too long.  Dusting your window treatments should be the first step in cleaning your home. Dust builds up, which can irritate allergies and keep your home from looking its very best. Until recently, there were a few standard methods out there.  We are here to warn you–some of those methods of dusting window coverings will only make the problem worse; they may also cause other issues to arise. We are here to provide you with an easy and effective solution…canned air. Yes, air.  Read on to find out how dusting your blinds just got a whole lot easier.


Canned air is safe, easy and effective.  Do you trust us???

The short version in just a few easy steps:

  1. Buy canned air. ( You can find this at most stores.)
  2. Dust your window treatments* in the fastest, easiest and safest way you’ve ever done it.
  3. Blow air from top to bottom, while blowing downwards from left to right – FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS ON THE CAN.
  4. Vacuum your floor where the dust & critters have collected.
  5. Sit back and enjoy your beautiful home!

*If you have allergies, please wear a mask.

Canned air has many benefits:

  • Window treatments stay in place. No more removing or taking things apart. That means there is no more replacing and putting things back together.  Time saver.
  • Canned air is gentle.  Window treatments can last a long time, looking beautiful for many years…as long as they are treated well.  Many of our clients (or their house cleaners) wear jewelry, and while cleaning, rings, bracelets or watches have harmed their window coverings in the past. Not touching them–using only air–helps protect your investment.
  • By blowing the air from top to bottom while blowing downwards from left to right, you essentially force the dust & bugs to the floor, making it very easy to clean up. You want to move fairly quickly, using your arm movement to help direct dust towards  the floor.
  • Canned air protects your shades. Remember how canned air is gentle? Well, many window coverings have pockets or sheer baffles. ( For example Hunter Douglas Silhouettes, Duettes, Nantuckets & Vignette Shadings ) Dusting them or removing critters is next to impossible. Shades can be easily damaged by trying to cram a cleaning tool down the sides of them.
  • You can clean at least 8-10 window treatments with one can.
  • Cords stay clean. When window treatments are dusted, that dust migrates and clings to whatever it can as the dust is pushed around. That dust finds its way onto the cords, making them dirty, dingy and brown long term.
  • Canned air is convenient: it is easy to have on hand and lightweight while cleaning.

How have you been cleaning your window treatments?

Over the years, people have used the various methods for cleaning. These methods have drawbacks which can be make cleaning difficult, ineffective and unsafe (for you and your window coverings!).


Swifter and/or Duster: While these devices seem easy to use, they only remove some of the dust.  The rest of it is moved around, eventually soiling the blind cords or shades.


Vacuum: Vacuum attachments are used for many things in the home; therefore, they often transfer more dirt to the window coverings than cleaning them. This is not considered an easy or effective method – vacuums often do not have attachments capable of reaching as high as your window treatments are installed.


Air compressor: This one is obviously not convenient.  More importantly, an air compressor will most likely ruin your beautiful window treatments. It can be difficult to regulate, or even be aware of the pressure needed for effective cleaning. Most coverings are made out of materials and fabrics that could be easily damaged.  People have been known to blow holes right through them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dusting Your Blinds…

What happens to the dust that comes off my window treatments? Does it make my home dusty?

Canned air blows the dust off the window treatments gently.  There will be dust falling around the area being cleaned. However, that is easily taken care of by vacuuming after you finish with your window coverings.  If you follow the process we have shown you, the dust will settle on the floor.

Do I need any special equipment when using canned air?

No. Canned air is easy and convenient.  You should wear a mask if you have allergies so the dust being removed does not irritate them.

I haven’t dusted my blinds in years. Will canned air still work?

Unfortunately, canned air may not remove dust that has been there for years.  This is a maintenance tip. It will keep them looking brand new for years to come – if you stay current with the cleaning.  Canned air is most effective when used for cleaning once every month or two, depending on the amount of dust that collects in your individual home.

How have you been dusting your blinds, shades or shutters in your home?

Did this help you maintain them? If you have further questions, we are always happy to help! And if your blinds, shades or shutters are too far gone, we would love to help you choose new.  Our team at Skyline Window Coverings can come right to you for a FREE design consultation. Reach out to us today!