Black Window Trim: How to Choose Window Treatments

Sophisticated and on point with design, black window trim is a wow factor in home design. Once installed, how do you cover them? Should you cover them? Our window treatment specialists weigh in on these questions–and many more considerations as we show you all the ways window coverings and black trim can be paired together…

What You Should Consider…

  • Can your windows remain bare? Or do you need levels of light control, privacy, UV protection or energy savings?
  • Do your windows have grids?
  • Did you go with black on black? Or black exterior, white interior?
  • Do you like blending colors in design? Or do you lean towards contrast?

To Cover, Or Not to Cover

Leaving your windows bare is a very individual choice–and it can be specific to certain windows in your home. Many homeowners choose to cover windows–to some degree–to achieve privacy, light control, energy efficiency or UV protection. If you’d love to have the illusion of uncovered windows, draperies are an amazing way to frame windows, allowing the majority of the window to show with the option to close them when necessary.

drapery on the sides of black window trim windows with grids
Custom Drapery

Styling Black Window Trim with Grids

The detail added by grid lines in black windows can set your home apart while influencing the style statement. Keep in mind that the fabrics you choose play into the overall look. It’s important to decide whether you want to see the grids whether the window shades are open or closed–or if you’d like the fabric to entirely cover the grids when lowered. Let’s look at both options…

black window trim windows with fabrics that show the window grids with solar shades roller shades in living room in Chicago IL
Designer Roller Shades

Roller shades are a great way to bring control to the window, with a wide variety of fabrics. We’ll help you select the opacity–how much “view-through” there is, from translucent to opaque. The same room scene below highlights more coverage. Which looks suits you and your home best?

room darkening roller blinds in Naperville IL living room
Designer Roller Shades

What if you like both? We call it the best of both worlds. In window treatments language, we are talking about the dual shades feature. Two shades on one headrail, operating independently. Lower the front light-filtering shade, or lower both for room darkening. Plus, roller shades are quite low profile, which means you can raise everything up and out of the way for that “bare window” look.

Specialty Shaped Windows

The arches, angles and other unique windows you have in your home bring a whole level of design on their own. Add black window trim, and you’ve upped your style game immensely. To break it down, you’ve got three basic ways to add window treatments to these windows…

  • Cover the entire window, including the shaped top
  • Cover the standard shape of the window, leaving the unique portion bare.
  • Choose draperies and a shade for layers of style.
applause honeycomb shades with arched windows and black window trim
Applause® Honeycomb Shades


angled windows with gray shades in lofted ceiling family room with neutral couch and accents
Designer Roller Shades


dining room with arched window fabric roman shades with olive green drapery Hinsdale IL
Custom Drapery with Roman Shades

The Transom Window

Considered a specialty window in its own right, transoms bring in a great amount of natural light without sacrificing privacy or interrupting the atmosphere. So, it’s no surprise that many homeowners keep the transoms bare while covering the bottom portion.

modern executive office floor to ceiling window shades in soft gray color
Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

But, in some areas of the home, those narrow windows could be the culprit with rising temperatures. There’s no shame in needing adjustable coverage.

window treatments for sliding glass doors and hard to reach windows in Portland OR
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Showing Off the Black Window Trim

Another decision to consider, even without grids, is how much side trim you’ll want to show off. With inside mounting, the trim can be present when the shades are open or closed. With outside mount, it’s easy to cover. However, when you have multiple windows side-by-side, this is where you’ll choose which style you prefer. Many window shades can be outfitted to only show the side trim when the window shades are adjusted, with a tailored fit.

top down bottom up energy efficient window shades in los angeles, ca
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Another option is to show off the trim piece in between the shades, whether open or closed.

a modern bathroom with a tub next to large windows covered by illuminated privacy shades with warm light
Designer Roller Shade


From Blending to Contrasting

The look of designer trim with definitely give your home cutting edge style. What do you think about contrasting colors or blending them? Would you prefer a darker window shade fabric to blend with the black window trim? Or would you like a bold contrast with a bright white shade?

white layered shades on wall to wall floor to ceiling windows in Chicago IL
Designer Banded Shades


Modern Roller Shades Hunter Douglas La Grange 60525
Designer Banded Shades


We’d Love to Help!

Did you ever think choosing window treatments would need you to make so many decisions? Don’t get overwhelmed–this is supposed to be fun. Our window treatment designers would love to help you choose window coverings in a low-stress, fun and exciting way. Visit one of our showrooms to see and operate displays and features. Then schedule your FREE in-home consultation! We’ll come to your with idea, advice and lots of inspiration. Get in touch today!