5 Tips to a Dreamy Bedroom Design

Why does it seem that the main bedroom is always last on the list for a makeover? You deserve the bedroom of your dreams, and the time is now. We have 5 tips to get your wheels turning and your bedroom project complete. Today, your bedroom design makeover will rise to the top of the to-do-list! 

1. Make It Simple

Don’t complicate things–the main bedroom is a simple space for privacy and a little R&R. Don’t fall into the trap of it becoming a common area for your whole family. Stick to the basic bedroom furniture, and avoid other unnecessary items. If you want your bedroom to be a peaceful sanctuary, make it stress free by clearing it of clutter. Sometimes, a large bedroom has room for office space, a small seating area or gym equipment. Just make sure anything you add is intentional and improves the value of the space–for you. 

guest bedroom with modern desk, chair, and lamp with gray window treatments
Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

2. Focus on the Movement

Your bedroom should be simply designed, this way moving around is easy. Design the layout so pathways to the closet, en suite bathroom & windows are clear. Because the bed is the largest piece in the room, place it away from the door. Your bedroom should feel open and airy. 

bedroom design with alustra treatments airy bedroom in chicago, il
Alustra® Woven Textures®

 3. Customize the Windows for You

Every bedroom layout is unique. Your comfort depends on managing sun exposure and controlling the light coming in through the windows. Some clients wake to sunshine too early in the morning, while others combat afternoon glare that can heat up their bedroom and cause damage to furniture and hardwoods. Your bedroom windows need coverage that protects, promotes privacy and provides a positive sleep environment. When customizing your bedroom design, trust your instincts. Choose room darkening or blackout shades when necessary.

bedroom with blackout shades in Portland OR
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Would you describe yourself as someone who likes to control the situation? If a daily routine is something you can’t live without, you’re not alone. Smart shades are here to complement your schedule by adjusting at set times throughout the day. That’s right. Set your shades to open gradually in the morning, and wake up with natural light. Then, set them to close when the sun is high in the sky! If you’re street level in the city, smart shades can provide privacy at rush hour, too! Along with added style for your bedroom design, window shades provide light control and an added level of security.

4. Comfortable Levels of Light

Throughout the course of a day, your bedroom is used for more than sleeping. It could be your home office, your cozy space to enjoy a cup of coffee, plan a weekend get-a-way or begin the kids’ nighttime routine. These activities are happening throughout the day, and into the evening, so your bedroom should have levels of lighting to accommodate these activities. Tailor your atmosphere with floor lamps, a wall sconce or a stylish chandelier. A variety of lighting sources adds so much to a complete bedroom design. 

High ceilings and windows with large window treatments in Winnetka, IL
Silhouette® Windows Shades

5. Add Flair

This is the fun part!  Adding style to your bedroom design is why we started this process in the first place. Now that we are fully committed to the process, let’s have some fun revitalizing it! There are so many ways to make your bedroom sanctuary your own. Why not add a feature wall to create that WOW factor? Try a fresh, new paint color to brighten things up, or maybe a strategically placed area rug to elevate the look? Remember, your bedroom is a place to recharge your battery, lift your spirit and relieve stress. The style you create should reflect that. 

Light bedroom with wall to wall windows
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

The professionals at Skyline Window Coverings can help with your bedroom design. We can evaluate your space with a FREE in-home design consultation, from there, we can recommend the best window treatment products and helpful features to reach your bedroom design goals. We love what we do and can’t wait to share our ideas with you!