An Unprecedented Choice: The Color of the Year 2016

As one year comes to a close, the fashion and design world are always looking ahead to the next. While they work to conceive and to create the soon-to-be sought-after looks of the coming year, they invariably take inspiration from Pantone’s annual announcement of the Color of the Year. Recently, the trend-setting authority on color revealed its decision, and it’s shaken everyone up. In 2016, for the first time ever, TWO colors will share the coveted title: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Possibly more astonishing than the selection of a color duo is the fact that the colors are the pastel pink and blue of childhood. While the world speculates on the cultural and political implications, and while designers plan what’s to come in the new year, we want to inspire you. Check out how you can infuse 2016’s color of the year into your Chicago area home.



color of the year Chicago

Pink isn’t only for little girls’ rooms. Incorporating it into a grown-up space adds a sense of warmth and fun without compromising upscale, sophisticated style. In this mostly neutral bedroom, the pink accents catch the eye and enliven the space. You don’t need a lot to make a big impression. Just a few pieces transform the room from feeling a bit stuffy to feeling welcoming and cheerful. Yet it remains a place of soothing and luxurious comfort. Are you imagining how Rose Quartz, the pink in the color of the year pairing, can add mature and contemporary charm to your home? Let our design experts help you bring your ideas to life!



color of the year Chicago

Serenity. It’s the name of the blue hue in the color of the year duo, and Serenity is the feeling you get when you’re surrounded by it. This living room exudes peace and tranquility, yet it’s refined and gorgeous! With the use of Silhouette window shades, the space feels connected to the outdoors and is complemented by the wispy blue sky. This makes nature’s beauty and soothing presence as much a part of the room as the chairs and side tables. Are you longing for a relaxing oasis like this one in your own home? We’d love to make it possible with the right window coverings and PowerView Automation.


Can’t Decide? Do Both!

If you feel like you just can’t decide, then take Pantone’s announcement of the Color of the Year as a suggestion and go bold! Rather than using one color or another, this living space features alluringly vivid shades of pink and blue, and the result is captivating! Varying hues in both color families stand out for a fabulous look.

pink and blue living room

The room feels lively and contemporary, but it also seems like the perfect place to put your feet up, relax with a book, or visit with friends. The ample light flowing about the space is easily blocked with draperies, adding height to the room. Are you feeling inspired to find your own way of using pink and blue in your home? Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you design a space that’s uniquely yours.


It will be exciting to see how the fashion and design industry embrace the dual Color of the Year in 2016. The possibilities for patterns and pairings seem limitless, and so are the ways you can use Rose Quartz and Serenity–or variations of those hues–in your Chicago area home. Here at Skyline Window Coverings, we would love to help you find just what you need to achieve an amazing look with a combination of pink and blue that’ll soon be featured in all your favorite home magazines and websites. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation to get started.