Our Guide to Child Safe Blinds and Shades

If you have a child in your home, you know that they like to get into everything, causing you endless worry. There are unsafe crevices to crawl in, corners to run into–not to mention the furniture they jump on and tumble off of…just for fun. With all of these safety concerns, the last thing you want to worry about is your child getting hurt by your window coverings, which is why child safe blinds are a must. Child safety is extremely important to Skyline Window Coverings, not only during October safety month, but every month of the year. Take a look at this handy guide for child safe blinds and shades.


Easy, Safe, and Convenient

Dangling cords can instantly become a toy for a child or animal in your home. They can swat at them, pull them, and tangle themselves. Even when you try to hide the cord, your kids find a way to get to it! Cordless blinds are a great option for child safe window coverings. There is no hassle with trying to bunch up the cord and throw it to the top of the blinds. We know there are lots of people doing this, but there’s still danger if the cords slip down or your kids find a way to reach them.

cordless child safe blinds in Portland OR 

With cordless child safe blinds and shades, you can rest easy knowing that your child is playing safely. PowerView automation is a wonderful choice for child safe blinds. These blinds are cordless and allow you to have complete control. A great feature of PowerView motorized blinds and shades is being able to create automatic settings. You can simply program them to meet your needs for both safety and convenience throughout the day.


Cordless is the Way to Go

As a parent, you’re probably more concerned with childproofing the obvious: kitchen cabinets, table corners, cleaning supplies…but what about window coverings? Child safe blinds are most likely not a top priority, but the solution is quite simple: Find cordless blinds! If the technological PowerView blinds don’t sound like a fit, another great option for child safe blinds and shades is our cordless operating system. 

motorized child safe blinds with dual shade feature in Chicago IL

These blinds and shades are adjusted using the bottom rail, so if your child decides to push them up or down, they stay in place. Without cords to get tangled into, they are an easy to use and incredibly safe!


When Cords Are a Must…

Okay, so the cordless blinds sound great and all, but what if they just aren’t an option? Perhaps you need a cord because the bottom of the blind falls behind a couch or the window is in an inconvenient spot. Not every home has the ideal layout, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck in regards to child safety. As we said, the cord is a huge danger to kids.

cord safe child safe blinds

One great option is to use a cord wand, which stabilizes the cord. The UltraGlide system is also a fabulous alternative. This system has a short, retractable cord, which automatically retracts after you adjust your blinds. It stays out of harm’s way—meaning no danger to your curious children! Or, perhaps the continuous cord loop would be best for your house. The cord is secured tightly inside the window frame while they explore. And, you can be worry free!


Reduce Worry with Child Safe Blinds

Your window coverings should never be a concern when it comes to your child’s playtime. They deserve a safe place to grow and explore, just as you deserve to feel confident that they will stay safe while doing so. There are plenty of options for child safe blinds and shades. Skyline Window Coverings cares about safety in your home, and we want to help you find the right fit. If you have questions or concerns, we’re here to help guide you to the best choice. Contact Skyline Window Coverings today to schedule a free, in-home consultation.