13 Bathrooms Design Features

You deserve a gorgeous bathroom space that’s full of both style and function. Need inspiration? We’ve got it! We are showing off some of the hottest bathroom design features. Are you collecting ideas for a future bathroom remodel? Or, does the space need some simple upgrades? Swoon over these spaces, and decide which ones you love most…

Ooh La La…Lighting!

Beautiful light fixtures such as sconces and chandeliers will instantly enhance your space. Designing an elegant bathroom is in the details, lighting is an important feature.

rectangular tub with chandelier hanging in tiled bathroom shiplap bathroom with black trim windows and chandelier over tub backlit mirrors in primary bathroom


The Wow of an Accent Wall

Feature walls will instantly enhance any space, but in the bathroom, it can feel so much more luxurious. Why? It’s probably due to the materials used–swirling marble or large-scale tile to name a couple ideas. This is one of those bathroom design features that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a spa.

marble accent wall in master bathroom black geometric accent wall and wood vanity for bathroom design features


Storage Solutions

One of the most important bathroom design features is the incorporation of storage. Nothing will effect your life so greatly as adding storage where you didn’t have enough before. Luckily, in a bathroom, a little can go a long way. Vanity towers are a stunning way to add height to the space while also providing an incredible amount of storage–including hidden outlets to prevent counter clutter. Built-in wall shelves are another option. Spruce up the look with fluffy towels rolled for that spa-like feel you love.

vanity tower with hidden outlets

full bathroom with built-in wall shelving

Vanity Style

The vanity you choose for your bathroom will set the tone for the space, whether painted or stained, floating or standing. Would you prefer one sink + lots of counter space, or two sinks–one for each of you? After choosing the vanity, there’s other bathroom design features that go right along with it. Should you opt for round mirrors, or rectangular? Lighting above–or side sconces? The hardware makes a statement of coordinated design, with brass and matte black being today’s favorites.

green vanity in bathroom with brass hardware and rectangular mirrors round mirror above wooden vanity with black sconces


The Bathroom Window Treatments

One of the most important decisions you’ll make in the bathroom is which window treatments fit the style and function of the space. You need privacy, but probably love the light. The view might be gorgeous, but you have to be careful of drafts. And, which materials are approved for this type of environment?

Vinyl Shutters

Customized to fit your bathroom windows, shutters are a clean, organized option for bathroom window coverings. You control the direction of the light while maintaining privacy. See more about the Palm Beach collection of vinyl shutters.

white bathroom shutters in shower Hinsdale IL
Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters


Solar Shades

An incredible option for floor to ceiling windows, solar shades diffuse the light while enhancing the view. Need more privacy? Choose dual shades that allow you to enjoy the light and views in one position, but bring a secondary shade into place for added privacy and control. Find out ore about Solar Shades.

Screen shades as a bathroom feature in chicago IL loft
Designer Screen Shades


Roman Shades or Roller Shades?

Roman shades have been a staple in bathroom design for years. Their elegance invites a luxury feel, with the battens adding sophisticated detail. It’s no different today, but romans have been given upgrades that offer that heightened style, while rolling up and out of the way quickly and easily for an unobstructed view. Explore Vignette Modern Roman Shades.

choosing roman shades for the bathroom in Portland OR
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


Top Down Bottom Up

One of our favorite bathroom design features is the top down operation of shades. Bring in light + sky views, but maintain the privacy you need. Discover which shades offer the incredible top down feature.

roman shades in bathroom


Bathroom Design Features: Do You Have Favorites?

Which style feels like you? Which features caught your eye? When it comes to designing the perfect bathroom, we know style and function go hand-in-hand. That’s why bathroom window treatments are such an important part of the design. Invite us over for a free in-home consultation, and we can guide you to the style and function you’ll need for your dream bathroom! Get in touch with our team at Skyline Window Coverings today.